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The Registration "San Antonio Jr. Rampage 2015-2016 Season Registration" is not currently available.
This Registration closed on 08/11/2015, 4:00pm CDT (CDT).

2015-16 Registration Process and Fees


We will again be using Sport Ngin to process registrations for the Jr. Rampage Travel Hockey Teams.  However, to improve the process and minimize confusion, the initial registration will be for TRYOUTS ONLY.  

A second registration will be provided only for those players offered a roster spot on one of our Travel teams.  


Tryout Fees for 2015-16 will be $25 per player and can be paid during online registration or via check prior to the first tryout session. 

These fees are non-refundable. 


Regular Season Fees for 2015-16 will be posted on the Season Registration Link that will be provided to players/families offered roster spots following tryouts.  Because fees are linked directly to the number of teams/players on the regular season roster and the expected expenses incurred from August 2015 - March 2016, these fees will not be finalized until tryouts have been completed.  However, to better assist families in planning, it is expected that 2015-16 Regular Season Fees will fall in the following ranges:

Local Players    $2,000 - $2,250

Out of Town Players   $1,200 - $1,450

Out of Town Players are those players that reside more than 75 miles from Northwoods Ice Center. 

Payment Options will be provided during the online registration process.


Please contact:

Billy Kaye
SAYHA- Commissioner
Phone: (706) 495-9645
Ed Ferris
SAYHA- Asst. Commissioner
Phone: (210) 889-6334


If you are the parent of a Mite player and are interested in learning more about how Mites MAY have an opportunity to participate in Travel Hockey, please contact one of our commissioners. 

UPDATE - JULY 13, 2015

USAH does not allow a Mite team to participate in travel hockey.  However, they do allow for two (2) Mites to be placed onto a Squirt team. 

Based on current registration numbers, it appears HIGHLY unlikely that we will be able to roster any Mites this year because our organization does not allow for a Squirt player to be cut in favor of a Mite. 

Mites are allowed and encouraged to tryout, as long as:

1) Arrangements are made IN ADVANCE

2) Both parent and player understand a roster spot is not available at this time.

Tryouts are still a great time for your Mite to experience the process in preparation for 2016-17 as well an opportunity to measure themselves against other travel players.  

Please contact Ed Ferris for more details.  

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