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Here's a good place to start

We all start somewhere

If you spend time at the Northwoods rink, you'll meet all kinds of
families involved in hockey...from those who grew up playing the game in Michigan, New York or Canada, to those who've just recently been introduced to the wonderful sport.  One thing we all have in common is a love for the game, camaraderie for the team and a desire to see our kids play. 

If you've never set foot on the ice, don't know a power play from a
breakaway or have heard hockey is too time consuming, too expensive or too hard to learn, then start here and learn from those who've walked in your shoes. 

You don't have to know it all to get started.   Like anything, it's a learning process, but you'll be welcome with open arms into our hockey family...Maybe it's a whole new world, but remember we all started somewhere. 

Age Divisions

It's not uncommon to hear hockey families talking in code... "Is he an
'01?"  "How many on the team are '98's?"  It may seem like some secret language, but actually this lingo simply refers to the year a player was born.  Hockey levels are based on the players birth year...

LEVEL       Typical age
Mini-Mite    6 and under
Mite            8 and under
Squirt       10 and under
Peewee   12 and under
Bantam    14 and under
Midget      16 and under
Junior       18 and under

Although it's unusual, players can play with an older age group.
However, they cannot play down to a younger age level.

Lessons for all abilities

  • Learn to Skate:  Learn the fundamentals of ice skating in a 6-week session with classes one day per week.  Boys and girls of ALL ages welcome.
  • Hockey Dynamics:  Any skill level.  Learn to play hockey in an 8-week program with classes one day per week.  For boys and girls of ALL ages.
  • Youth Team Hockey:  Year-round, ice hockey teams compete in game under the supervision of registered USA Hockey Coaches.  For boys and girls ages 5-17.
  • Team Travel Hockey:  Program offering players the opportunity to engage in advanced levels of play against teams from outside San Antonio.  For boys and girls ages 5-18.