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San Antonio Jr Rampage Fundraising

There are several ways you can support the San Antonio Youth Hockey Association! 

  • Make a tax deductible donation to our non-profit
  • Support us during The Big Give!
  • Volunteer with us!

San Antonio Youth Hockey Association Sponsorship, Donations, and Team Fundraising Policy

Any use of or reference to current or past SAYHA (Jr. Rampage) logos, lettering, name, or other Association brand/likeness (uniforms, etc.) must be approved by the SAYHA board of directors.  

SAYHA has a written agreement with Spurs Sports & Entertainment to use the "San Antonio Rampage Bull Logo" in Association with the Jr. Rampage. Any alteration or unauthorized logo use is prohibited and may represent copyright infringement against Spurs Sports & Entertainment. 



A sponsorship is defined as any contribution of monetary funds, equipment, or transferable funds (bank to bank, stock, bonds, or other assets) which REQUIRES A COPY of SAYHA’s 501(c)(3) letter for IRS tax deduction purposes.  

  • All sponsorship opportunities must be submitted to and approved by the SAYHA Board of Directors prior to acceptance.  

  • SAYHA currently uses a centralized model regarding finances for the Association and its teams. While teams may fluctuate regarding roster numbers, coaches, etc., costs are averaged across the Association for pricing stability and to provide the lowest cost opportunities for our players. For this reason, centralized, organization-wide sponsors are procured.  Individual teams may not procure season sponsors as this would interfere with the primary association sponsorship program that exists across all SAYHA teams. 

  • All sponsorship checks should be made out to the San Antonio Youth Hockey Association. The Association will then disperse the funds as allocated.

  • Any use of the sponsor’s logo or advertisement on the SAYHA website, marketing or promotional materials, games, programs, or tournaments must be approved by SAYHA. 



A donation is defined as a contribution of monetary funds, equipment, or transferable funds to the Association. A 501(c)(3) letter will be provided for all equipment and monetary donations over $250 unless the donor specifies not to accept one.

  • Association donations can be restricted or directed for a specific purpose but not a particular player. Such restrictions should be requested in writing. SAYHA will review the requested restrictions and approve, return the funds, or negotiate an alternative use if possible.

  • All donation checks should be made out to the San Antonio Youth Hockey Association. The Association will then disperse the funds as allocated or place them in general funds.



Non-Association donations are defined as a contribution of monetary funds, equipment, or transferable funds to an entity other than the Association. This would include donations to individual teams or players. These are considered gifts, and donors are not eligible to receive a 501(c)(3) letter for a tax deduction as the donations were not received by the Association.


A fundraiser is defined as any team-organized event to raise money. A fundraiser may include team raffles, silent auctions, car washes, scratch-off cards, family support banners, car hops, garage sales, or other items/services the team sells.

  • All donations and proceeds from team fundraisers go directly to the team funds. They must be distributed equally and used for the entire team's benefit. They cannot go to a single individual.

  • Any team-organized event must submit for Board approval at least two weeks prior to the event. This approval request would include details of the event and any plans for referencing the Association or using the SAYHA or Jr. Rampage logos, lettering, name, likeliness, or other branding for purposes of advertising or use on items utilized for

  • Team events should not conflict with SAYHA activities, Association sponsorship, or fundraising events.


The SAYHA Board of Directors reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Should a situation or circumstance arise that is not explicitly addressed in this policy, the SAYHA Board of Directors, at its discretion, may rule on the issue and implement a policy for the current and future seasons. Any disputes will follow the SAYHA dispute resolution policy.

Should you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the SAYHA Board of Directors at