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Best Jewels, Pearls and Hockey Nuggets

09/26/2014, 11:05pm CDT
By webmaster

AKA: Parent Advice for Life on the Ice

As we kick off this season’s league games, I’m looking back on years’ past and I’m feeling a little nostalgic. 

Maybe all those TBT Facebook posts are getting to me.

Maybe, because my son is a Midget now, I have a lot to reflect upon. 

Maybe the advice I’ve heard over the years is so profound, so gripping, so convincing, I feel compelled to share it.  THAT’s IT!  THAT’s the one! 

I’m obligated to share the jewels of hockey wisdom, the pearls of advice for the ice, the golden nuggets of juicy knowledge from years of talkin’ hockey with those in the know. 

Without those wonderful words of wisdom, we may not have ventured down this path.  So today, I credit (or blame), those who brought us to this point with a list of The Top Tidbits of Advice for the Ice:

  1. “We went to see the Iguanas play this weekend. You should go to a hockey game sometime.”  ~Robert Vancour, my husband’s friend.The San Antonio Iguanas (CHL) became our first introduction to hockey.  We went into the Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum completely ignorant of the sport and, I admit, I was skeptical that I’d have a good time at all.  In the 1st period of the game…we’re still ignorant, but we knew we were hooked!

  2. “You should sign up for travel hockey. It’ll be fun.” ~ Donnie Hambly, enthusiastic hockey dad.  After completing the Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey sessions with Coach Dale Henry, (a former Iguana!) we overheard some of the “older” kid’s parents talking about this thing called “Travel Hockey.”  Again, we were clueless, so we signed our kid up. He was 5!  We didn’t want him falling behind!

  3. You (parents) don’t need to be in, near or anywhere close to the locker room.”~ Coach Doug Tresnak, local hockey guru. What!?  My son NEEDS me!  Who will tie his skates?  Who will help him with his gear?  Who will wipe his nose?  After a month or so, I realized my son was growing up and he DIDN’T need me […sob, sob…] well, in the locker room, anyway.

  4. Get a Toll Tag~Chad Baumgartner – wise hockey dad.  Saved us a tremendous amount of time, money and hassle.   We no longer have to rob the kid’s piggy banks for change or map obscure routes to get from Euless to Plano.

  5. “You don’t know anything about hockey.” ~my son – as a Squirt.  After a particularly long ride home from the rink with a sermon from me about what he should be doing, what he wasn’t doing well enough, and what he should never do on the ice, my son respectfully reminded me that I really don’t know anything about this game.  Reading between the lines, my son was telling me, “Lay off the lectures, Mom. Let’s keep it fun.”  At that moment, I knew my 8-year old was right, even if he was politely paraphrasing his hockey guru coach.

  6. “Anytime you can travel in the name of hockey, DO IT!  It’s over before you know it.”  ~Bill Sammons – parent of a former travel hockey player.  Bill was lamenting the fact that his son was an adult and the fun travel hockey times were over.  Some of the best times and most memorable moments we’ve had were on hockey trips.  Hockey trips bring folks together and we’ve expanded our FAMILY to include many of those we met along the way. I lament the day it’s over, but the friends and family bonds that formed over the years will always remain.


    I apologize if you were expecting a thorough list of websites where you’ll find the best hockey deals, the places to get the newest high tech gear, or workout tips that will put your player at the top of the league.  Nope.  But don’t discount the little conversations you have with people along the hockey road of life.   If you’re paying attention, it can lead you down a path that’s a whole lot of fun.

DISCLAIMER:  The views expressed here are solely those of the Hockey Mom Blogger and do not necessarily represent the views of the SAYHA Board of Directors, the Ice and Golf Center at Northwoods or anyone else, for that matter.

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