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Awards and Achievements

Annual Awards

Each year our Association takes time to honor players at every level for their accomplishments during the season.

2017-18 Awards by Team:
Coaches for each team award the player(s) who exemplify the best qualities in these categories:

  • MVP Offense: Most valuable offensive player
10U-A 10U-AA 12U-AA 14U-A 18U-AA
Aiden Woller Evan Ratliff Ethan Ratliff Jack Boileau Nate Danh


  • MVP Defense: Most valuable defensive player
10U-A 10U-AA 12U-AA 14U-A 18U-AA
Broden McArthur Liam Hilscher Xavier Tholl Lucas Marples Xander Bachick


  • Unsung Hero: A player-maker, a sportsman, a positive force on the team
10U-A 10U-AA 12U-AA 14U-A 18U-AA
Jaxon McNight Ian Merrill Sean Atkinson Dylan Curtis Stephan Nunez


  • Zero Club: Goalies who earned at least one shut-out during the season
  • Hat Trick Award: Players who recorded 3 or more goals in a single game.
  • Playmaker Award: Players who recorded 3 or more assists in a single game.
  • Academic Award: Players who maintained an "A" average at school.

Commissioners' Cup: Since 2007-08, the Commissioners' Cup is awarded annually to one player in the organization who epitomizes the qualities of good sportsmanship, physical fitness, outstanding leadership and hockey skill.

The ideal Commissioner's Cup nominee has a passion for the game, works hard, supports teammates and rises above adversity.  He or she is of strong character, a leader of peers and displays a positive attitude. 

Commissioners Cup nominees actively participate in school and often volunteer in service organizations.  They're the all around good kid, the kid with heart, the kid who's always smiling...the one the Commissioners are proud to call their cup winner each year.

Typically one player from each team is nominated by the coaches for this top honor, but only one player, chosen by the Association Commissioner, can be the winner.


The 2017-18 Commissioners Cup nominees were:

10U-A 10U-AA 12U-AA 18U-AA
Connor Williams Kenny Dufault Nate Patek EJ Ferris


The 2017-18 Jr. Rampage Commissioners Cup winner is EJ Ferris.


2017-18 Commissioners Cup Nominees

2017-18 Commissioners Cup Nominees - pictured above with Commissioners Ed Ferris and Billy Kaye - Nate Patek, Connor Williams and EJ Ferris

2013-14 Commissioners Cup

2013-14 Commissioners Cup nominees - pictured above Jeff Campbell, Jake Recore (winner), Noah Shaefer, Levi Adcock (front), Everest Schnider, and Ed Ferris

2012-13 Commissioners Cup

2012-13 Commissioners Cup nominees - pictured above Jake Recore, LB Cole, Stephan Nunez, Jeff Campbell (Commissioner) Chris Blum (winner), and Robyn Tresnak (Commissioner)

2010-11 Commissioner's Cup Nominees - pictured above Don Miller, Gavin Phillips, Ryan Salgado, Jordan Cornell, Jeff Campbell, Matthew Anguiano and Colton Rasmussen.

2009-10 Commissioner Cup Award Nominees. Pictured from left to right, Everest Schnieder, Liam Brown, Jeremy Jackson, Danny Rosengard and Ryan Salgado

Jr Rampage PeeWee DSTHL Season Champions 2015/2016

Jr Rampage PeeWee DSTHL Season Champions 2015/2016

Peewee Champions 2014-2015

Peewee Silver DSTHL Champions 2014/2015

Bantam Win Tournament 2014/2015

Pioneer Classic Champions, Bantam 2014/2015

Squirt Development Team, Holiday Festival Champions

Squirt Development Team, Holiday Festival Tournament Champions 2014/2015

Two Champs

Two Jr Rampage Teams Crowned Champions for 2013-14


The Peewee team arrived at the rink just in time to see the Bantams cap off their perfect 26-0 season with a championship win.

The Bantams couldn't leave knowing the Peewees were ready to take the ice and could cinch their championship if they pull-offed a back to back win. 

Both teams won their respective championship games and were crowned the best of the Dallas Star Travel Hockey League (DSTHL).


Team Year Achievement
Peewee Black 2011 8th Annual Texas Shootout "Peewee Gold Champions"
Peewee Silver 2011 Taos (NM) Tournament - 2nd place
Peewee (Black) 2011 President's Day Tournament Champions
Peewee (Black) 2010 Texas Shoot-out Champions
Squirt 2010 RGV International Hockey Tournament Champions
Bantam 2009-10 NTXHL Champions
Squirt 2008-09 NTXHL Champions
Squirt 2009 Texas Shoot-out Gold Champions
Mite 2008-09 STYHL Champions
Bantam 2007-08 NTXHL Champions

Peewee Black celebrates after winning the 2011 President's Day Tournament in Austin.

Jr. Rampage PW Team - 2014-15 DSTHL Champions