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So...Exactly what's under that Jersey?

What equipment do we need?

"It's so funny to think back to a time when Jake first started playing hockey.  We didn't even know how to dress him!  We had to look around the locker room for clues on how to attach the socks to the rest of the gear!"

Player Skates, hockey stick, puck, hockey gloves, shoulder, shin, and elbow pads, helmet with face mask and chin strap, mouthpiece, team jersey (aka sweater), hockey pants (aka breezers), athletic supporter with cup, hockey socks, neck guard, hockey tape.

Goalie:  Skates (goalie skates are different from regular hockey skates, but they aren't necessary for those who are just starting out), hockey socks, breezers, athletic supporter with cup, chest protector (yes, it's a different style from regular player's gear),  helmet, glove, blocker, leg pads, goalie stick, hockey tape. 

To acquire gear for players who are just starting out, contact a Board Member to see if there is any equipment for your player in the Association's storage unit.  Don't hesitate to purchase equipment from ebay or other on-line sources...sanitize if necessary. 

There are many websites for new equipment - ask around or check out this brief list:

Our Humble Advice to Newbees

  • used equipment is okay  (It's more than okay, it's recommended for those just starting out)
  • don't skimp on skates and don't buy them too big hoping to save money as your player grows into them.  Ill- fitting skates will make success much more difficult for your player.
  • check the manufacturers sizing charts to purchase the right size equipment.  Not all sizes are created equal.
  • your new player doesn't need a $200 stick.
  • brand new skates need to be sharpened before using them.
  • buy hockey tape...lots of hockey for the stick blade...white for the stick handle, clear to tape the socks to your players, I'm not kidding.
  • skates need to be resharpened after skating for 6-8 practices.  Skates can be sharpened at the Pro Shop of the Northwoods rink, but you may have to leave your skates and pick them up later. 
  • skate sharpening is an art - leave it to someone you trust will do a good job.
  •  if you don't know...ask!  We love to talk about the game.

Putting on player gear

Goalie gear is a whole different animal

The art of stick taping