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Scholarship Guidelines and Application

Scholarship Guidelines and Application


The San Antonio Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA) anticipates awarding a total of up to $10,000 in scholarships for the 2023-24 season.  Applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee who will make their recommendations to the SAYHA Board.  The SAYHA Board will review the recommendations of the Committee and notify the applicants of their awarded amounts. 


Scholarships awards will be objective and nondiscriminatory, and based on the needs of the applicant, which may include but not be limited to financial needs, military deployment, or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the Scholarship Committee.  SAYHA reserves the right to reduce the overall amount of scholarships based on the number of qualified applicants.


To be considered for a scholarship, all applicants must submit a fully completed application, and ALL information requested in the application to be considered for an award. Any missing information is grounds for dismissal of a scholarship application. All financial information will be kept confidential and will be shredded after the scholarships are awarded.


All completed applications and information must be submitted to SAYHA Scholarship Committee by email to and be received on or before Jun 15th, 2023.


All scholarship recipients will be notified after tryouts conclude and rosters announced. The scholarship awards will be applied to the last payment of the player’s account. Player’s account must be in good standing, i.e. paid in full for all payments owed at the time, for the scholarship to be applied.


The player must be in good standing and not subject to any disciplinary proceedings by the SAYHA, or any league or tournament in which the player participates at the time the scholarship credits are to be applied to the player’s account.  No actual cash or checks are distributed.


In the event an applicant leaves SAYHA during the season that a scholarship has been awarded, the scholarship is automatically revoked. If the scholarship has already been paid, the player and his family must refund 100% of the scholarship award back to SAYHA. Failure to refund any awarded scholarship will result in the player being placed on the DSTHL/TAHA outstanding debt list.  Circumstances of departure will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


By submitting a scholarship application, the player and his family agree to each of the conditions set forth above. Any false information submitted to SAYHA will be referred to legal authorities and any scholarship awarded will be immediately revoked.  All scholarship awards are at the sole discretion of SAYHA and any or all scholarships may be denied or disallowed in their entirety for any reason as determined by SAYHA.


To be considered for a San Antonio Jr. Rampage scholarship, the applicant must submit each of the following documents:


  • Personal Data (requested in application form)
  • Employment and Financial Data (requested in application form)
  • Federal Income Tax Returns for 2021 and 2022 tax years
  • Pay stubs for the past three months
  • Letter from Parent detailing the need for the scholarship
  • Bantam (14U+) level and above, letter from Player detailing why he/she is deserving of the scholarship



Privacy & Confidentiality

In order to determine need and make scholarship funds available in the most equitable and fair manner, it is necessary to collect certain financial and personal information. This is done on the application form itself, which is made available only to Scholarship Committee, and only for the purpose of evaluating scholarship availability, and through supporting documents identified on the application. Information collected is not shared outside the Scholarship Committee. It is the intent to keep the process as confidential and discreet as possible.