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iPHONE Calender quick update link

For iPhone or Outlook users select this link below and it will update your phone/or Outlook(computer)  to include all SAYHA Calender events if you just want certain tags copy the first part of the Android phone procedure except just paste the webcal:// into the iphones URL and your done. on the iphone the lnk below will be small but its still there.


HTML tutorial* iphone Quick Calender 2015-16 season all teams *

Android Phones

     Android phones are a little more difficult to get the cal ender on. Its best to use a Computer to access your Google Account settings. Select the tags you want on this page or leave as is, then go to the bottom of this page and click on the subscribe to ical feeds. Copy the popup window, url starts with webcal:// etc......

     Goto Google calender through your account settings, once you have your calender up there is a drop down box named other calenders select it then select add by URL, paste the webcal:// into the URL box (its best to change webcal to http) select Add Calendar, DONE!

Quick link here